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We also offer an extensive FAQ, which answers many of your questions.

You can earn coins for free and easily. Complete tasks, watch videos, answer simple questions or just click on pictures. Fast and safe!

Depending on the task, you will receive different amounts of coins.

Click on "Withdraw" and click on the category where you want to exchange your coins. We currently offer CSGO Skins.

Soon PayPal credits and vouchers will follow.

There can only be one of the following reasons why the cashout function does not work.
1. your balance is not sufficient
2. connection to the server is not available
3. product is no longer available
4. your account has been restricted

Please contact support for more information.

Click on your name or picture in the top right corner.
Then click on "Your account" or "Settings".

Here you can insert and save your trade link.

We offer you the opportunity to earn coins by completing various tasks. We recommend that you complete many quick and easy tasks to get coins quickly and safely. Tasks with large rewards are likely to be difficult to accomplish. We also give away coins on our Twitter

If you meet the following requirements, you are welcome to contact us.

1. you are a YouTuber/Streamer/Clan/E-Sport Team/Celebrity
2. You reach more than 1000 people with a video/stream/post
3. Your content revolves around CSGO
4. You do not use fake followers/subscribers etc.

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